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What's the Hype About Cosmic Clues?

Hello Sacred, Divine Beings. Thank you for being here!

There’s been an increased interest in working with “cosmic clues” and I want to share with you an intro of what it is all about. There is power in discovering your cosmic blueprint that can unlock your potential through these tools of deepening your awareness of the Self, others in your life, and the Universe. So let’s take an intro look at the frameworks of Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design to explore how you may benefit from learning and syncing up with your true nature via these cosmic systems to let magic unfold for you and share your brilliant gifts with the world.

We can use these tools for insights on how to align with your own unique energies. Think of them as a user manual for our strengths, vulnerabilities, soul missions, natural skills, stretch points, karmic destiny, points for healing, potential career paths, methods of communication, strategy for building community, creating opportunity, and so much more!

In the beginning of my coaching days, I wanted to teach solely from personal experience. I know it has been part of my path to have been through a lot so I can relate to others, in order to help them move through what is being presented, however, I quickly noticed that what works for me does NOT necessarily yield the same results for someone else. Likewise, I found myself judging others around me for not responding to the same things that were giving me so much life and judging myself for not being able to operate in the same way as my colleagues. We are all so amazingly unique and what works for one person could be awfully ineffective, aggravating, or inefficient for another.

If you’re very much interested in personal development like me, you may have signed up for various trainings or therapies for a number of areas such as marketing, budgeting, manifesting, even healing traumas only to have it be a complete FLOP in your actual results. Or maybe you have purchased a training program and felt so completely different from the teacher/guide/coach that you just could not receive the teachings as you anticipated. This results from the “one size fits all” solutions we are fed, which is simply not how it works. This would be way too easy and boring, we are souls having a human experience which entails a lot of joys of “figuring it out,” we aren’t robots!!

This is when I realized I can understand myself, those around me, and my clients much more deeply when I honor each individual’s uniqueness and deeply appreciate the differences, while getting insights into the purpose they incarnated onto this planet at this exact time.

***NOTE: Your “purpose” is ever-evolving and that is the beauty of it. The fun and excitement of it is allowing it to be a constant exploration!

So, I began playing with looking at my friends’ and family member’s charts and having a lot of “THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE” moments. I became a lot more compassionate, understanding, and dropped the judgements when I started gaining the understanding that their soul chose these attributes and qualities as part of their journey, which was inevitably going to be different from mine. I quickly began incorporating reading charts into my client sessions. Queue more of the “ah-ha” moments seeing this was WHY my client was handling xyz in such a way and in being able to highlight their tendencies, a gateway was opened up to growth and expansion by seeing into their unique strengths, challenges, and growth points.

I can now much better serve my clients in seeing if they will be more receptive to understanding on an intellectual level or speaking in the language of the cosmos; getting clues on the balance between their unique recipe of masculine + feminine energies; and what directions in career may feed their soul most. We can tap into insights in communication techniques that will both meet the emotional needs of the client and be received by other parties. We can see what a complementary partnership (whether romantic or in business) may look like and if their manifestations will unfold through focusing on specifics or tapping into the desired feelings.

So let’s give some real-life examples and explore deeper into the ways that we use insights from the various charts.

Using Cosmic Clues to Find Alignment

Alignment is feeling good. It is the flow and grace you experience when you are deeply connected to your truth, you are feeding your soul through your actions and experiences.

If it doesn’t feel good, it is not your truth and you will not experience the flow from being in alignment with your higher self, your truth, the universe, your soul, however you want to put it. For example, when I tried to market my business according to a strict timeline (as per the training suggested), prepared quite a bit in advance, or based on someone else’s direct recommendations, I found myself aggravated and with no success. While this may work very well for some, my Astrology Chart shows I have tons of feminine energy which operates on dynamic flowing and intuition. See, when we are operating from a place of AUTHENTICITY, we are going to be extremely magnetic. Plus, my Human Design chart shows that in being a Generator, it is very important to do only what lights ME up and being told what to do can have adverse results. Being reminded of my natural strengths indicated in the charts (we already know deep inside but conditioning tends to result in us pushing aside our personal truths), I gave myself the permission to incorporate much more space for using flow and intuition in my marketing, yielding much more effective results.

NOTE: This is very different from your “stretch points” that make us feel uncomfortable or that produce fear which will actually lead to immense growth when we face them. It is a great practice for everyone to tune into your body to discern whether something is simply out of alignment or if your subconscious is just pushing back because it’s not the easy answer. Your charts help to discern this (like your North Node Destiny Point in Astrology that will not feel “easy” but will result in big leaps towards success), as well as tell us where specifically in your body (Human Design defined vs open centers) you can tune into consistently for your inner answers to be revealed! Pretty rad, ehl?!

These systems, or frameworks, give us CLUES to tell us if we are living out our destiny. We will know because it FEELS good and our charts can be used as tools to give ourselves that PERMISSION, rather than trying to fit into the society matrix, to please our parents, or conditioning we’ve picked up elsewhere. These insights are not to over-shadow the willpower that overrides all as a beautiful human feat, but they are wonderful tools offering insights to get us on the smooth-sailing path, rather than swimming upstream.

Using Cosmic Clues to Unlearn Conditioning and Discover YOUR Gifts + Truth

Believe it or not, once upon a time not long ago, I was working for a large consulting firm, traveling around the country to a new city each week crunching numbers, reading legal documents, and writing business reports for billion-dollar deals between banks and companies that I could not genuinely stand behind. Though it provided an abundant life and ample life experiences, I could not believe it to be meaningful in the world. For me, it WORKED, until it didn’t.

See, I had ALWAYS been fascinated by understanding my own psyche, the way the mind worked, and also everyone around me (Hello, Pisces Sun / Aquarius Saturn + Mars!). I wanted to be a psychologist, but I was re-directed upon stepping foot into the guidance counselor’s to decide on a major in college. I was told the way to quick financial success quickly was through accounting or finance. Many of you might have experienced something similar (either consciously or subconsciously); if not from the guidance counselor, perhaps this from a caregiver, the movies, or peers.

Essentially, I was given a decision: choosing from my heart and soul desires, or from my head. I chose the more socially acceptable answer to appease my mind and put the heart-desires aside.


Despite what you have been told, financial security and living from the heart do not have to be mutually exclusive. Actually I believe deeply in quite the opposite. When we release conditioning in order to discover what is really true to us, we are likely to be THRIVING because we are doing what feels good and it jives with the energy of the Universe which will continuously reward us for doing so - and not just financially, but emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

See, like many of you, from a young age, I was extremely intuitive, cosmically connected, and I liked to move through life at my own pace, outside the parameters of “expectation.” This caused a lot of trouble because we go to school and are expected to learn all of the same things at the same speed and fit into the boxes of “good student” and “good kid” and follow the same path as we get older to reach “good employee” (Who wrote these guidelines anyway??? Ah yes, an outdated patriarchal system.) So in order to fit these boxes, I shut down my intuition and plugged my head into “grind mode” to fit the mold. I followed directions instead of feelings and desires, as they had no place in this matrix.

Like I said, this worked, until it didn’t.

Actually, everything had to fall apart first. I became so unwell physically, I was burned out, my self-love was missing, I felt and looked dull, depleted, and could not understand why “life had to be so hard.”

A turning point came into my life when I reconnected with my intuition. There was an inner voice saying much different things than the recruiters from college and my Managing Directors at the Consulting firm. I began listening to Her - this wiser, confident, vibrant Woman inside of me - curious what this voice was and what She had to say.

I went on “soul-searching weekends” which led me to getting my first Astrological Natal Chart reading, having absolutely no idea what I was in for but I knew it gave me tingly excitement. The Reader revealed insights about myself that had been denied for years but left me in tears in my closet-sized East Village apartment. I was in awe by the articulation of what my heart was yearning for, told to me by someone else. He told me how I could expect major shifts in both my personal relationships and in my profession, which naturally I was equally ecstatic and terrified what this could mean, so I set it aside and went on about my day-to-day life with a little smirk with this new inkling that life had a lot more in store for me.

Slowly but surely, I gained a deeper sensation of trust in what the chart revealed. Something about what he said just felt right - it was like an articulation of what my gut was trying to share with me but I just couldn’t seem to vision as my reality. The chart showed me outside of the matrix I was currently living in and made me feel much more powerful than how I was currently showing up in my life.

My chart showed how deeply intuitive and psychic I actually was. I had not been allowing or believing but constantly had “I knew it” moments of “could have” and “should have” if only I listened to the intuitive knowings. Imagine if we stopped pushing down these gifts and instead, owned them.

The chart showed how actually more time being at home and alone with myself would result in satisfying my emotional needs and create inner peace while regenerating my physical energy, unlike my schedule of constant travel and nonstop socializing. Incorporating more of the newfound awareness allowed me to see what was actually MY truth and not someone else’s.

It was like looking into a mirror and truly seeing myself for the first time.

Exploring my Astrological clues (where each of the planets were in the sky at the exact time you were born influencing your unique energy) gave me insights into why I am the way I am and offered this sense of profound permission to operate OUTSIDE of the box fed to me by society or anyone other than myself. It gave me permission to explore and OWN these intuitive gifts and innate understanding of energy (also emphasized in my Tantric Numerology chart) and how these unique gifts might be more than fun hobbies that were LIGHTING ME UP. Perhaps they could actually be incorporated as a profession because they were not only feeding my soul, but they were also serving others which I had the pleasure to witness in exploring reading these charts for others.

These insights and deeper self-awareness open up a portal which can evolve into a floodgate of opportunities as you OWN and develop the skills. For me, exploring and honoring my truths resulted in making the 180-degree career shift from financial consultant to Women’s Empowerment Coach, Reiki Energy Healer, and Yoga + Meditation teacher, which provided proof that we CAN and WILL thrive when we are aligning our actions and getting our minds on board with the desires within our hearts.

The insights from this reading have truly been astronomical in experiencing both financial success and true fulfillment.

Using Cosmic Clues to Make Your Vision a Reality

Once you open up this portal through the articulation of your personal manual to life fulfillment, we can also leverage these insights to alchemize the vision into reality on the physical plane with as much flow and grace as possible.

For example, there is an element in our Human Design chart that is going to show us how we most effectively manifest or “make real.” We can be either Specific (dates, places, numbers, etc.) or Non-Specific (desired feelings) Manifestors and we can use this insight upon working with the quantum field to bring desires into reality. So, if you get flustered in meditation when the teacher cues to visualize the specifics of your intention and then get frustrated when it is still not coming to you, you may actually be a Non-Specific Manifestor and you’ll experience more magnetism for your desires when you drop the details and focused on how you want to feel.

We can also look at your ideal environment to access your creativity in Human Design: some people will operate better in “cave mode” and some will thrive in a “kitchen” setting with lots going on.

We can use Tantric Numerology for insights to see what could be adjusted in our lives in order to create harmony in your outer and inner worlds and even what meditations will be most effective to find and refine your balanced center - the place from which we can operate and receive from a neutral space, creating magnetism.

We can look at your Astrological Natal Chart to see your tendencies in approaching communication, giving us insights on how to hone in on your strengths and be mindful of extremities. We can look at your unique needs to feel fulfilled in relationships and where you may be easily triggered.

The insights are endless and they help us move with awareness and grace through whatever is being presented externally.

Also, connecting to these cosmic clues help us to see that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves. We ARE deeply connected to the stars, the larger Universe, and we are each put on the Earth at exactly this time as a unique piece of the puzzle of the evolution of consciousness. Yes, my Darlings, you are pretty f*cking magical, mystical, and you are HERE FOR A REASON. The world would be incomplete without you and you are going to feel so incredible when you align with your brilliant uniqueness and stand strong in what wants to be expressed and fully experienced through you.

So by now, are you inspired to get a taste of how expansive these cosmic clues can be FOR YOU as a way to understand what makes you the way you are in order to fully OWN your gifts, realize your purpose, and honor your TRUTHS? I hope so, because when we do, life is a lot more fun, vibrant, exciting, and fulfilling. Or are you still feeling skeptical? If so, it’s totally cool, are you an Aries Sun or have a Capricorn or Virgo rising, by chance? ;P

If you are interested in exploring your own charts, I offer limited 1:1 sessions for readings, but really the magic lies in not just receiving the insights, but through applying this next-level awareness. We do this in my 1:1 expansive coaching program using cosmic clues, energetics, and pragmatic action steps curated for you to create real transformations and live an ecstatic life. For more information, schedule a Discovery Call to see if the RECALIBRATE: 1:1 Mentorship is for you. This roadmap is for LEVELING UP in any area of your life such as business, relationships, motherhood, or overall experience of the world through a 3-month or 6-month container.

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