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Deep Dive Sessions for Quantum Healing + Expansion

Feeling like you're in a potent time for healing? Aka the triggers are loud or you can feel the upgrade right on the other side of a block, trauma, or pattern?

Or your Inner Goddess is trying to speak to you, and you aren't sure what is keeping you from BECOMING Her, or you know it and don't seem to be able to move beyond it?

Are you ready to fully own your worth and create a highly aligned reality, to reflect your inner radiance and magnificence?

Honey, I feel you.


I've been there and I was divinely guided to the perfect support and my favorite healing modality, Havening, that allowed me to deeply heal and create new possibilities in my life.


I became certified in my favorite modality to re-wire my brain for shadow and trauma work AND for manifesting greatness and now I get to share it with dozens of you so far and can't wait for more of you to experience it.

What are Alchemy sessions?

2x75 min Deep Dive + 1x 30-min Integration Call) + Self Havening protocol

We will utilize the Havening Techniques to drop into the delta brain waves which activate your inner healing state.

This creates a space to be gently and intuitively guided, while held in safety, into the patterns, traumas, and shadows that keep you from living in your highest alignment.

Embodiment, somatic, and breathwork practices may also be included in the sessions. We let your intuition and Spirit guide the way!

Clients (and myself) have experienced tremendous breakthroughs from such sessions... things that have felt stuck for years or lifetimes are able to be healed and the path is illuminated for your highest vibrational timeline.

Expect YOUR Breakthrough!


What is an Alchemy Havening session good for?

Many things! Because once we access the powerful healing delta brain waves, your beautiful subconscious mind guides the journey for what is most relevant for your breakthrough.

Examples include: healing scarcity and manifesting abundance, healing from a breakup or heartbreak, addictive patterns, codependency, breaking beyond fear, doubt, and limiting self beliefs, mother wound, father wound, relational patterns, entrepreneurship (access your intuition and Higher Self for business strategy!), switching career paths, comparison, and more...

PS: Nothing that comes up is TOO MUCH. Mel is trauma-informed and holds a judgement-free space wrapped in unconditional love and your safety is her priority.

Is this for you?

When we align into higher frequency currents, our traumas, shadow patterns, conditioning are no longer a fit and can arise to the surface, ready to be released or healed.

What is also possible is that we open up to receive divine inspiration for BIG dreams, and we don't know HOW to get there...

these sessions are great for that.

And you don't have to do it alone.

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Who is your guide?

Mel Dolan guides you to live in your full expression, sovereign power, and creative capacity to experience liberation, abundance, fulfillment, and deep love. She utilizes various healing modalities including Kundalini Yoga, movement, somatic embodiment, psychosensory therapy techniques, and meditation to unlock your connection to your True Self and intuition.

Mel loves merging the woo-woo (she's been energetically sensitive her whole life and has developed a mastery of energetics) and the science (being trained in trauma and the mechanics of the brain to help us understand our Human) to result in your healing of the human, to make space for your magic and embodiment of your multi-dimensional Self.

Because at the end of the day, I want you to feel so happy to be alive and to be YOU.

Celebrations from Previous Sessions

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