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Reclaim Your Higher Powers

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I am ready to re-align.

I am a channel for the Infinite Love of the Universe to flow through me.

I am so blessed & grateful to be in this human incarnation where I get to co-create with this infinite source of light energy.

I forgive the misaligned, self-defeating thoughts and I thank my ego for keeping me safe....

Now, I choose again. Now, I choose a higher thought.

I allow my guides, my inner wisdom, and my truth to deliver positivity, better-feeling thoughts and emotions.

I allow the creative force to flow through me.

I connect, once again, to my higher power.

These are the mantras that helped pull me out of a low-vibe, depleted funk, almost immediately.

I was consciously aware that my energy was extremely low yesterday, I could barely pull myself out of bed and there was no way I could muster up to do what my conscious mind wanted to do, which was create and share about my services of uplifting people, when I wasn't feeling uplifted myself. I was resisting this tiredness and trying to just be gentle with myself, but a self-destructive story was playing out, subconsciously. I was out of alignment with my higher self and the universe.

This continued... being dominated by the low-vibe subconscious patterns were manifesting as physical exhaustion which kept my attention on the outer world, instead of the inner. The separation between my human self and my higher truth was real: I was frustrated, down, and feeling defeated.

Then, I was able to let go of resistance. I felt "off the hook" after a few hours of work, getting into the intention (and as a result, started shifting to become a match of a new vibration) of feeling better. Note: the action I took in those "working hours" were a step in allowing me to get there while appeasing the subconscious mind... we don't need to jump from defeat to joy in an instant, but we can move up the emotional frequency scale, say from defeat to frustration, frustration to neutrality, moving up eventually to optimism, excitement, and so on.. Essentially by releasing the pressure I was putting on myself, this allowed me to open the channels to receive better thought forms, then emotions. Mostly unconsciously, I was guided back to one of my favorite teachers, Gabby Bernstein, in this time of new intention of feeling good.

I slowed down for a walk on the beach during sunset, feeling totally exhausted but knowing the sand and salt on my feet always brings me healing. Feeling so unwell, not knowing what's wrong with me, going down the rabbit hole of feeling frustrated that I lost momentum, that I'm not cut out for this, that I'll never amount to the greatness I have felt before, 'what am I even doing' thoughts...

I literally plopped down to the wet sand, not caring that my clothes are getting soaked. Complete surrender. Getting driven to this point can be SO LIBERATING.

From here, I came back to my faith in my connection to the universe. Coming to my awareness more visibly now, I saw these low vibes and depleted energy were simply: a forgetting of my innate essence of the creative, powerful, infinite energy that runs through all of us. This blissful, ecstatic, pure love energy that we all are unique, beautiful expressions of.

I forgave the previous thoughts. I turned to prayer. I stated out loud: I am ready to realign. I am ready to remember this connection and feel it. I am ready for the better thoughts and emotions. Simple and profound.

I felt better immediately. This surrender and prayer lifted my spirits (and physical weight) in a moment. I had a few moments of near tears, got up, and carried on.

I continued actually noticing the self-defeating thoughts that were playing out, it wasn't all just the physical manifestation of extremely low energy that I was feeling, that I was really hung up on. This is a story of mine that began through childhood, that I'm weak (immune system, nervous system, etc.) and physically not up to par to handle it and be great, but it's the same story that keeps me small in my creations, in sharing, and helping to heal the planet.

PISH POSH. This story is whack, of course, I know this but sometimes these non-realities made up by our fear-based ego (oh, so sneakily and convincingly) can feel so dominant, especially as it manifests into the material world to appear true.

Truth Bomb: We aren't always going to be flowing in joy and peace. We won't always feel energized by inspiration and desire to spread love and light. Sometimes, our eyes are going to be more open to the challenges than creative solutions that flow to us.

These moments are assignments.

These moments are the opportunities to remember your higher power and re-align to something much larger than yourself. To, once again, feel this connection to the infinite love that wants to flow through you, deeper this time than ever before. To deepen your faith: your trust that you are always supported, you and all of your experiences are purposeful, and impactful in this world.

I knew I had to re-align quick, and I knew this experience was so that I could put it to the test in myself first to be able to share with others. To pull myself out of a low-vibe rut quickly to first believe it's possible through personal experience and be the expander for others that it really can be quick and simple by deciding you are going to feel better.

So here's my simple summary on how to re-align:

1. Notice -> Awareness that this non-reality has taken over the show, and you are in the driver's seat to change the story.

2. Remember -> You are a vessel for the infinite love to flow through and you always have access to your higher power.

3. Surrender -> With this remembrance of what is possible in mind, let go of resistance, take the pressure OFF. Release expectations.

4. Make the Call -> ASK the universe for help, guidance, and to deliver better-feeling thoughts + vibrations + emotions. Call it a prayer if you want or just consider it as an experiment (cause let's be honest, you have nothing to lose from this place of low vibes anyhow). State out loud, write down, or mentally recite the mantras of truth to your higher self (see above or let your own come to you by the guided question "What would my highest self be feeling?").

5. Allow -> Relax and take the pressure off. Allow the universe to show up for you. Make this a practice of deepening your faith, a returning and remembering your higher powers. Trust that you are supported and everything is now happening for you.

We all get a little lost sometimes, and that's okay. See how these techniques work for you if you're ever in a rut. And if you want a powerful energetic practice to support you, check out this free, quick but powerful Kundalini meditation sequence right on my home page to help you get back to your inner radiant, centered, loving essence of light.

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