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A little preview of the potent transmissions and themes we play with ...

Masterclass: Inner Pulse

an Experience to get clear

What wants to be birthed through you?

How does love want to be expressed

through you?

How can you open to the life that wants to Live through you?

be guided to find your Inner Pulse to develop radical Self Trust and guide you each step of the way (not a one-time thing, but a way of Being)


Led by Eros, Raptured by Life, Ravished by Love

an Experience to reframe everything in life to be hot, kinky, and a turn-on

come alive to your feminine blessings


Psychosensory Manifestation Journey

activate delta brainwaves to drop into the realm of possibility, receive intuitive clarity and move beyond fear + limitation


Previous Masterclasses:

↠ Led by Eros, Raptured by Life, Ravished in Love


↠ Living by the Inner Pulse


↠ Beyond the Drama Triangle, into Empowered Agent of Your Life


Internal Family Systems "Parts Work" / Reparenting the Inner Child


Living By Divine Will


Transmute the Emotional Burden + LIBERATE WHERE YOU HIDE

Upcoming Masterclasses:

↠ Heart Congruence + Radiance Codes

↠ CREATRESS of Your Life

↠ Money Loves You

↠ Healing Codepency and Hyper-Independence for Harmony

*the lineup has been downloaded through the rest of the year, however, this space operates upon the feminine way and is subject to change... magic lies inside trusting the mystery and divine unfolding*

We were never meant to do it alone.

We rise stronger and bigger, together, Sisters.

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