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An energetic, cosmic, and pragmatic approach to unlocking your true potential. Develop a harmony between your inner feminine and masculine energies to Be the empowered Creator of your Life, bringing your dreams into manifest reality.


This is Sister Support to empower you into your highest potential, helping you to unlock your dharmic destiny, and thrive in your most enjoyable life... not the way you've thought to believe you "should," or how you've been told or even how it's been modeled to you... but in the way that YOU as your sovereign, divine, creative Self comes to LIFE. The way your Soul knows you can live it.


There is a simplicity to the process, however as humans, we are deliciously complex and beautifully interesting.

The Essence of the Process:

1. Get clear on where you are going (we may do some work to open up your intuitive channels and develop a relationship to your True Self first and ongoing as the path unfolds).

2. Clear the obstacles and objects in the way (ie: limiting beliefs, doubts, fear, traumas, patterns stored in the body, filling the gaps with the "how," expanding capacity to receive, give, and hold all that you desire).

What to Expect:

Sessions are a blend of pre-planned topics of your desire and also take on a life of their own, dependent on what is most ALIVE for YOU at the moment. We let go, open the channels, and allow Spirit and our beautiful, powerful subconscious divine minds guide the way.


Sessions may include, and are not limited to, any of the following:

Somatic Embodiment Practices - The body stores and remembers everything. All feelings, messiness, and expressions are welcome. Space will be held and guided for a safe environment to process and alchemize and access your gifts.

Psychosensory Therapy Techniques (Havening) - Access deep healing in the brain, break free from traumatic encoding.

Intuitively Channeled Guidance - Receive insight from the Akash (the cosmic field that holds everything that was, will be, and is) and expand your own access to receive from the Akashic field and your intuition.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) or Inner Child / Teen Healing - Therapeutic techniques to speak to and unburden the wounded or troubled "parts" of you.

Meditation, Pranayam, Energy Practices - Guided meditations, visualizations, breath, or energetic practices like Qigong are often incorporated to sessions for grounding, accessing your truth, and enhancing the healing / expansion process. Additionally, specific meditations may be given to support outside of sessions.

Astrology/Numerology reading + Gene Keys insights - Your charts will be reviewed if desired and is aligned for deeper insights to know yourself and activate your unique brilliance and purpose.

Ongoing support and insights a container to truly create major upgrades:

Guided Visualizations, Meditations are uploaded into your personalized coaching platform

Supportive Worksheets + Journaling (ex: gaining clarity on the vision, connecting with your ideal clients (for entrepreneurs), clearing scarcity and money/abundance upgrades, daily alignment journaling)

15-minute support in-between sessions (weekdays within 48-hour response)
Flow With Grace Guide - Complete guide to sync with your menstrual cycle to work with your energy and avoid burnout
Action plan following our work together

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 3.55.38 PM.png

This is for the soul who:


knows there is more to life than working an unfulfilling job waiting for the weekend to probably do the same things as usual,

is done with habits of escaping and distraction and is ready to be living ON purpose.

is sick of living in scarcity and is ready to be overflowing in abundance, healing their relationship to money.

hasn't been fully in love with her body and wants to activate the inner beauty, radiance, and fall madly in love with her whole Being.


 has struggled with full expression and is ready to TAKE UP SPACE, use their voice, stand in their truth and not let anyone dim their light anymore.

is ready to be SEEN, HEARD, FELT, RESPECTED, and VALUED deeply.

is ready to build or expand their soulful business and thrive in entrepreneurship.

has been experiencing toxic or vanilla relationships and deeply desires luscious divine lovership and partnership.

experiences anxiety or fear and desires to live another way: in the present moment, connected to the heart, centered, peaceful, open to all of life's beauty.

wants to create (or expand) a family and wants support in the fertility and pregnancy process.


is ready to live in their dharmic path that brings their WHOLE BEING ALIVE.


These are a handful of examples of the transformations that I have had the joy and honor to witness in my clients, and there is still so much more in the last 5 years of Mentoring. Each individual is so divinely beautiful and unique. Often, what clients bring to me, I have gone through the same experience and have a delight in guiding from a truly embodied place of understanding and how good it gets to be on the other side... this is the divinity (and magic) of these containers. I trust if you are feeling the ping, the spark, an aliveness around what this could open up for you, to book a discovery call and explore it further.


Not sure if this is right for you?
Explore this journaling to gain clarity in your life + feel into the 1:1 Mentorship - then bring it to the Discovery Call!

Free write for 5-10 minutes on each of the following:

1. Where are you at now?

A good place to start this assessment is with the questions: What is the first thought you have upon waking and the thoughts you have before going to sleep?

*Get it all out on paper, don't hold back


2. Where do you want to be?

Write and refine, making it in the positive/present tense ie "I love waking up with energy and motivation to provide real value to my soul clients who are so excited to receive the teachings from me..."

3. Goals

*with dates, specific numbers, or $


4. Action Steps

Tangible steps you know will support you in getting to your goals.

in the next 30 days? 90 days? year?

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