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Are you over-complicating?

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

One of the reasons I fell in love with the Kundalini Yoga + Meditation lineage, is that we keep it SIMPLE.

Talk therapy is great for having space held for you, which does bring about a great healing vibration. I feel it is most effective because when you feel supported and heard, this energy translates into other areas and aspects of your life, bringing about more ease, grace, and wellbeing, because this feeling of being supported is essential.

However, talk therapy and rehabs have been proven to not have the best success rates... because they are problem-focused. We identify the problem from the past, talk about how the problem shows up in the present, how the problem makes you feel, and how the problem may keep presenting itself in the future.

Trust me, this method has sparked a lot of desire for change in myself in just one session of bringing things to the surface, but I never wanted to stay there and felt the therapy was keeping me in the problem-space. I had my fair share of "1 session stands" with talk therapy because once something came out, I never understood the rational of continuing to hash it out - I tried that and felt it was only making me feel worse, I wasn't shifting into the positive vibrations of transmuting the problem.

Same with my first yoga teacher training. It was amazing and probably necessary for where I was in my journey to look at and unpack every piece of material in the suitcase that had been locked tight and shoved into storage for years, but then again, I was sick of just looking at it all displayed in front of me. I wanted to seriously get rid of the old belongings (problems, stories, stored energy, not even my own troubles) and put NEW stuff in it that was more aligned with my desires. I wanted the suitcase to be refurbished to be beautiful, clean, and only items that made me feel amazing to be inside.

This is what the Kundalini Yoga lineage was for me.

My teachers have instilled a very different mindset and mentality in dealing with my problems. Instead of getting all cerebral about it trying to unpack deep levels of subconscious and feeling doomed by this incarnation of heaviness and burdensome sensitivity, I saw how simple it could be.

I started to see how I could no longer focus on the problem. But on the space beyond the problem.

My epic teacher taught a profound magic trick. You ready for it?

He asks: "What's the problem?"

Us: "Uhh, when I was a baby... I was abandoned.... and now it's stuck in maybe the 3rd or 2nd chakra..."

Harijiwan: "No, no, what's the problem? Just see it in front of you."

Us: "Yeah, sure okay I. see it."

Harijiwan: "Poof, it's gone!"

It really can be this easy. Let's stop over-complicating. We meditate to clear out the subconscious mind. It's like a shower for the inner-workings of the mind that receive so much through the day and yes, from childhood and society and technology. We do the energetic practice that works on the entire 10-body system to clear and cleanse to be renewed. To "unpack the suitcase" quickly and regularly, so we can intentionally choose clearly and intuitively what we fill this suitcase with, without the problems making everything harder than they need to be.

You would feel a little icky if you stopped brushing your teeth, right?

It's the same thing with the mind. It's just a part of the day. We keep it clean, daily, and the rest of our life can flow, we can access our super-human, but actually, our natural powers, and get to experience and feel better.

If you want help getting started or want to develop a daily practice that is customized to what you are working on or through, I'm here to help.

Ciao + have a beautiful day!

Sat Nam,


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