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The most important gift you could give yourself...

Is the gift of deep listening.

Deep listening to your heart.

Seeking within to find what truly lights you up.

What gives you energy. What gives you true fulfillment.

Do you know what that is for you?

-Not achievements or accomplishments that are short-term experiences of pleasing the ego-

But what truly fills you up with light and makes you feel whole?

That feeling where you can't help but smile. Your heart is radiating and your glow is visible. It is palpable.

When I began listening [truly, deeply listening] to my heart, it was a turning point.

First, this strong voice from within my heart instilled a deep inner knowing that there was another way to live. Shortly after, my inner world was becoming much more peaceful, much more light of hope. My breath became deeper and more relaxed. The physical tension was melting away with each tear shed looking at what I had been bottling up, each moment of letting go, and each miracle of transmuting the darkness to light. Those moments where the heaviness lifts and bliss washes over. I had a lot of those.

Then, it was reflected in my outer world. Support was showing up for me. Opportunities were being handed to me on a rose gold platter as space was created. Inspiration and creativity were flowing through me as a steady and exciting current. Even colleagues were taken aback by my new energy.

Dreams that were beyond what I could consciously envision were unfolding in front of my eyes.

Manifestations I wrote in my journal were magically appearing in front of me.

And my diagnosed hormonal imbalances (non-existent menstrual cycle, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)) dissolved.

This deep listening to your own truth, is where we find our Inner Healer. This alchemy comes from you. No one else can tell you what you need: to heal, to expand, to fulfill your soul. It comes from within the depth of your heart. It happens through deep listening.

This deep listening takes courage. It often takes forgiveness. It takes practice.

I’m not here to say it’s easy - I’m here to support you.

I’m not here to say I know the answers specific to you and your path - I’m here to urge you to create the space and invite the answers in for yourself.

I’m not here to do it for you - I’m here to believe in you deeply so that when you do start truly listening to the depth of your heart, that you will open yourself up to a life of your dreams.

To experience the love, the bliss, the pleasures that you had no idea was possible.

This process doesn’t happen overnight and I know how effectively support and guidance facilitates the opening of your own portals, to discover and integrate the woman and life you are meant to experience.

When you step into your authenticity - your truth, the Universe starts showing up for you differently. It’s what the Universe and your Spirit Team have been waiting for. To reward you for being in your authenticity, your wholeness.

I am honored to be a guide in helping you cultivate this deep inner listening and awakening your inner healer.

RECLAIMING FEMME is here: an 8-week guided course to activate your radiance, unleash your ecstatic nature, & reclaim your feminine power that has been divinely delivered to serve as the catalyst you’ve been waiting for. This deep listening is an essential step in the process. The journey begins January 12, 2020.


Book a free 15-minute call to explore if this course is right for you.

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