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Debunking "She's lucky"

I took last week off to integrate the closing of a truly epic chapter of my life over the past 7 months spent mostly tulum, and also several magical places in Mexico and Guatemala.

I was able to go offline - thanks to my super Community Manager + the biz structure/lifestyle I’ve created that nourishes my feminine flow - and for THIS, I am incredibly grateful.

and some people might look at it and say “easy for you” or “she’s lucky” etc etc .

but I created this… and it wasn't always like this.

We often learn from the contrast.

See, when my dad died in my first year as a consultant, I barely took a week off I would lose it in hotel rooms and bathrooms midday while grieving, and minutes later crack open my spreadsheets, head down in my work duties I learned to make personal life separate from work life. I became a master at compartmentalizing.

...and 3 years into doing that, I was disconnected from my soul, my purpose, my essence..

I was physically unwell, on OTC and prescription band-aids, unfulfilled, stressed, and burned out… oh yeah, and I still hadn’t given myself the space to properly grieve..

and then i did… and it sent me into the biggest decisions i’ve made for myself

to no longer put work before my healing

to no longer put work before my body

to no longer put work before my heart

nope, I dove into the deep end on my journey of personal discovery & that is why I now have the freedom now to take off a week for life stuff and integration of personal growth (ps what you don’t see on Instagram)

so no it’s not luck and it’s not by chance it is from reaching deeply inside myself until I find the words to say

“I’m worth it”

prioritizing me by constantly choosing my soul-truths and what lights me up, over and over again, day after day to stand for:

my/our freedom,

my/our fulfillment,

my/our healing,

my/our authenticity.

I am devoted. I won’t back down. and I hold the vision for whoever is ready, without doubt, unwaveringly.

If you truly decide you’re worth it, you are unstoppable and your destiny is inevitable.

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