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Are you Yin or Yang? Why does it matter?

Firstly, all of us have an inner feminine (Yin) and an inner masculine (Yang) energy, this is not about gender.

Also, we can have each of these energies being expressed in a healthy way, or an imbalanced way that will have us feeling “off.”

Ideally, we can dance between them and create an inner marriage of both energies within ourselves. This inner marriage is the Divine Union that allows us to experience a truly vibrant life in which we feel whole, full of vitality and energy, and experience healthy + happy relationships.

Remember: whole and balanced attracts whole and balanced.

On a very real biochemical level, men and women bodies require different nourishment to maintain a healthy, balanced, optimized system, and to release stress that causes a host of illness, disease, and dissatisfaction.

The key is finding where you may be off-balanced, where you might have swung too far to one end of the spectrum, and see how you can cultivate the recipe that works best and uniquely for YOU.

Two years ago, I was told I was infertile with PCOS (a hormonal imbalance). I was suffering from burnout and adrenal fatigue, my immune system was not strong (constantly fighting off infections and sickness), my sex drive was low (I thought "this was just the way I was."), and I wasn’t entirely un-happy - but there was a dullness in my life. I knew I wasn’t living in my purpose there was so much more life had to offer.

During this time, I was living almost completely from my Yang essence and a personal rock bottom ignited this journey to reclaim my Yin power… This journey has been the key for me to open up my heart, tap into what my truth and purpose really is - live it out DAILY, experience bliss + freedom + true fulfillment instead of stress + tension. I now freely and openly express myself, freely and openly feel my feelings as they come, surrender to the flow of life, and receive gifts + miracles from the Universe as a reward of being unapologetically in my worth + authenticity. And honeys, if you aren’t already, you certainly can too.

I didn't abandon the Yang side of myself (well, I did for a little and that also has its own set of downfalls!), but I learned to dance between the two and recognize when things got out of whack and gained tools to bring it back to my personal recipe of balance and flow.

Trust me, simply by becoming aware of the difference can transform your life and your relationships.

Do you want to explore some insights on how Yin or Yang you are? Take this 3-minute quiz here.

If you are interested in creating balance of your own Yin + Yang energies (who know, you may end up stepping into your worth and true purpose, to experience ecstatic pleasure, and/or create your own reality of your desires from an authentic radiance + magnetism as a result), I’d love to schedule a quick 10-min chat with you to help you discover more and how I may be able to support you or at least help you get started!

PS: Check out these Tik Tok's for some quick tips to understand the difference of the Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine energies within us.

All the love. Thanks for being here!!!

xx, Mel

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