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All There Is

we open up wide

we embody who we want to become

in this very moment

we decide to rise

by looking at it, head on

we embrace

the depth

the fierce beauty of it all

we allow for self pity, shame, fear, anger, sadness

for a short minute

we let it run wild

we come back

reign it in with the tools we have

with the love we have in our hearts

we see it, feel it, remember it

we cry, demand honesty

from ourselves

we stand firmly, sink softly

surrender into the arms of the divine

we remember

the oneness, the trust, the knowing

we honor

all that is

we remember

Love is all there is

we connect

to ourself, to others, to the infinite

we let it be the same vastness

we let it be






*Capture by Cynthia Travels

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