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Mama Bali No 2

Mama Bali,

My eyes see vengeance, my heart feels hurt

where I once saw family,

Now I see it falling apart

Mama Bali,

Please help me understand

how something so good, strays so far from plan

once together-ness, holding hands

now feels buried deep under the sand

Mama Bali,

Please show me the way

beyond the clouded betray

I guess nothing lasts forever

maybe we can go back to the way things were

I’ll never say never

Mama Bali,

the way it once was, is it over and done?

time to accept a new beginning? but we were just having so much fun…

tell me, is it the reality that we are through?

just show me please what is actually true


Sweet Babygirl,

All things have a life span

even the best things come to an end

loosen the reigns

controlling only causes more pain

Strong Woman,

you’ll find reprieve

when you stop trying to compete

Take a look within

to receive the gifts

that this triggering mirror displays

however uncomfortable, let it reverberate

Radiant Sister,

feel into it deeply

let the emotions pass through

I promise you will get the lesson

& eventually see the hidden blessing

lying underneath it all

Beautiful Force,

stop, breathe, send your genuine love

both to yourself and to the one you’re mourning

it is okay if you feel you had no warning

accept the new changes, try to understand

we’re always flowing, the redirections are simply part of the plan

lean into the fire you feel, & turn it to good

keep standing in your power, as the divine goddess within you would.

This energy within you is waiting to be unleashed. Your magnetism. Your radiance. The undying creative force + expansive love your soul is yearning to experience.

Join us to create magic this May 15-17, 2020 in Sag Harbor, NY 🌹♥️

Retreat Client Testimonial: "You gave me a new beginning to a happier life where I am the main character. You have showed me that I have control to call in pure happiness. Thank you so much for passing on so much wisdom to us in just a few days. I will take these life-changing lessons with me forever. You have made it an unforgettable journey"

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