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Everyday Should Be International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the magical ladies around the world. Yes, that means YOU - YOU MAGICAL GODDESS!

I love this day to bring attention to the topic - it is important and effective. But really, we should all celebrate each day like International Women’s Day, acknowledging how impactful and infinite we are.

I am so glad to be in a place where I adore and admire my sisters, and genuinely see so much beauty inside and out, in each of their unique expressions! While growing up, I defaulted to comparing & feeling my own insecurities when seeing a gorgeous woman, or one who was an amazing dancer or singer - know the feeling?!? Well, that era is over.

We now live in a world where we, as sisters, can and should:

  • Genuinely support each other because there's more than enough to go around!

  • Celebrate each others' victories, successes, etc.

  • Empathize each others' feelings and experiences

  • Give the tough love when she isn't standing in her worth and you know she deserves better

All because we genuinely grow more together. We were never meant to do this journey alone. If you feel victimized by women, try starting to shift the story by first SEEING the beauty and love and allowing yourself to admire other women. Start supporting sisters' successes. Allow it all to feel good, just wait to see how you start receiving this type of love and support AND allow your heart-shells to dissolve so you can receive it.

Always remember: You are meant to be seen, to be loved, to be heard. You are so, so worthy.

Women, I hope you are pouring love into all of your cells. I hope your hearts are open to receive all of the love you are worthy of. I hope you realize pleasure is a birthright and can relax in order to receive it.

I hope you are filling up your cup first. I hope your behaviors are a reflection of what lights YOU up, feeds your soul, and makes your heart vibrate.


Sisters in my life who continually support me: I hope you know how grateful I am for you. Thank you for being you and sharing your authentic amazing-ness with me. You are incredible from the core and I feel your love as a warm blessing. Thank you for cheering me on, lifting me up, for playing, meditating, belly-laughing, creating, and exploring to magical places with me!!!

And also a quick note of appreciation to all of the men who are grounded and secure in their own Divine Masculine + Feminine energies. This awakening of the Divine Feminine energies is coming through all of us and it is pretty f*cking EPIC!!!

Sisters, if you feel me and want to come together this May to cultivate this type of high-vibe, unconditionally supportive Sisterhood, as well as unleash the undying creative force + expansive love your soul is yearning to experience....

Join us to create magic this May 15-17, 2020 in Sag Harbor, NY 🌹♥️

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