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There's enough fire in you to burn brighter than the sun…

There's nothing more important than that feeling of your soul being lit up. It's ecstasy and it's bliss from within. It's unlike any high from a drug, it's raw and so very real. It's pure connection, to the exact amount you're ready to receive.

And once you experience it, you set yourself up to experience more and more and more of it.

So keep following that spark. What truly stops you in your tracks to bring you in to true presence. Those are the moments, the road signs guiding you to your destiny.

Destiny, not as in your fated future, but as in your fullest human potential.

Believe you are worthy. Believe you will find it. Know you are here for a very distinct purpose. Trust you will be shown, and then follow that. Don't let it go out of fear or convenience. You are worthy. You are meant for it. And you are burning your soul so, so bright. Our world needs it.

Let your fire burn brighter than the sun

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