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reclaiming femme

a 10-week guided course to activate your radiance, unleash your ecstatic nature, & reclaim your feminine power.

To support the manifestations of your wildest dreams.


March 21 - May 28, 2021

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What if there was a guided path that…


activated your radiance and ignited your vibrancy


helped you to let go of traumas + limiting beliefs stored in the body

awakened your sexual energies + expanded your pleasure potential


accessed your portal to experience an ecstatic life


connected you to your deepest truths and your own inner healer

cultivated an incredible community of support + sisterhood

opened up the passionate force within your heart


created magnetism to attract the nourishing relationships + financial abundance you deserve


helped you to balance your hormones holistically


that served as the catalyst to become the most Embodied version of YOURSELF?

sisters, now there is.

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let the transformation begin...

This program is not a quickie, aka another empty-promise quick fix. This program is curated for expansion that you will have for the rest of your life.  The journey to integrate with your shadow, release conditioning, go beyond shame and fear, and own your Goddess-essence takes time. This deep transformation takes exploration, integration, and some patience. But don't worry honey, we have a LOT of fun along the whole way together! 


The consistent LIVE gatherings provide energetic transmissions that become a part of your reality and a true "living it" experience, rather than another self-help book that holds the ideals but without the tools to apply into your own life.


Just as a soul-quenching, full-body, life-changing, earth-as-you-know-it-shattering cervical orgasm takes time, presence, and exploration, this comprehensive program is a commitment to yourself. 


And my Darlings, trust me, the journey is so, so worth it.


This 9-week Guided Program will guide you to meet your liberated, complete, ecstatic, radiant Self.

Your feminine divinity is waiting for you to RECLAIM IT.

Are you going to answer the call?

what to expecT:

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the merge of sexuality + spirituality

  • Transformational live coaching of the sensual arts + feminine mysteries used by ancient yogis, royal, and priestesses

  • Sacred sexuality - Discover orgasms and pleasure as a portal to your divinity

  • Activate the life force and inner healer within you

  • Sex magic

Divine Union of masculinity + femininity


  • Cultivate WHOLENESS and SACRED UNION of masculine + feminine energies within you

  • Learn to dance with these energies to create the life of your dreams

  • Sacred Relating + Conscious Communication


  • Healing the feminine shame/guilt/oppression through Kundalini, Tantric Arts, and neuroscience-based mindset work

  • Supportive home practices

  • You won't just learn about concepts, but you will practice and integrate for life-changing results

  • Discover liberation into your own truth

Sisters Supporting Sisters

  • Exclusive community to support you the entire way

  • Break beyond the comparison + competition conditioning

  • Discover the magic when your sisters are there to cheer you on, witness you in your beautiful vulnerability, and offer genuine support allowing you to go deeper and further than ever before

"We women need to reach inside and rescue ourselves, which is oh-so-possible with a community of sisterhood supporting us."

-Mama Gena


the plan:

Each week, a new module will be shared covering digestible topics, all supporting you in your journey to embody your most radiant feminine essence.


Practices over our journey together will include:

Energetic Masterclasses

Kundalini Practices

Tantric Healing (Breath, Sound, Movement, Self-Touch)

The [Real] Law of Attraction Work

Pleasure Anatomy

In-Depth Menstrual Cycle Guide

Tools for Syncing to your Cycle

Divine Lovers Guide (deepening your intimacy with another)

Conscious Connection + Communication Teachings

Supportive Community - Safe sharing circles

Yoni Egg Practices

Crystal Wand Embodiment Practices

Guided Sensual Meditations

Worksheets for Integration



... & whatever other magic is bound to come through!


You will also get weekly Home 'Play" assignments. Don't worry, they are super fun + enjoyable + you will WANT to make time for them.

the schedule:




Hi beauties!! I'm so glad you're here. I'm Mel. I am a Women's Embodiment Coach. I teach Sacred Sexuality, Tantric Healing, and the Divine Feminine Mysteries that have been repressed and suppressed (not any longer!) to awaken you into your true power! I am a Yoga & Meditation teacher of Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga / Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach / Transformation & Wellness Guide / speaker & writer / and I have training of the Tantric Healing arts. I once operated from a place of scarcity, lack, and fear as a highly stressed consultant career suffering from poor physical health, anxiety, low energy, low libido, adrenal fatigue, addicted to stimulants and feelings of low satisfaction and fulfillment. My life completely turned around when I learned to embody the power of a woman, instead of attempting to compensate low self worth with masculine control of my life. You, my Darlings, can too. And this is what I feel my mission is: to guide you on your own journey of liberation into your feminine magic, birthright of pleasure and ultimate ecstasy, and fulfillment.


If you're here, it is not by mistake. It is your time to embody your own radiance & light.

What are clients saying?

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Kat, Financial Consultant

Working with Mel has truly transformed my life! She is an incredibly talented life & business coach, kundalini yoga teacher and healer who has help me achieve my greatest manifestations! She was able to read me so deeply and taught me about myself from an energetic, astrological and human design perspective. All of her programs are beautifully crafted with such love and thoughtfulness toward each person she works with. Mel has given me the tools to live my most vibrant and abundant life by leading me to my authentic self, and I have never been happier!

the exchange:

$1222 Early Bird before Feb 21

$1444 after Feb 21

Price includes10-weeks of LIVE course

NEW: Private 1:1 deep dive session with Mel (60 min)

Content for 6 months from onset of course

**payment plan available here**

A 10-week Online Guided Program to unlock your superpowers, activate your radiance, and unleash your ecstatic nature.

Embark upon the journey to reclaim and embody your feminine divinity.

Book your a 15-min FREE Discovery call with Mel to learn about what this program can do for you.


Q: What type of material is used to present the information?

A: The course material will be presented in written material, pre-recorded videos, audio recordings, LIVE masterclasses/workshops, Q+A sessions, and links to outside resources.

Q: What if I can't join all of the LIVE sessions?

A: All of the LIVE sessions will be recorded to view at a time that is convenient for you. There is real value in joining the LIVE sessions as an opportunity for connecting with the community, supporting your sisters, asking questions, receiving the LIVE transmission, but by no means are you expected to make every single LIVE session!! This course is designed to give you the most benefit in a way that fits with your life, not to overwhelm you!

Q: Will I have access to the materials after the course is over?

A: All pre-recorded materials, yes, you will have lifetime access. The masterclasses, weekly checkpoints (meditations, recitations, sacred gatherings, sisterhood spotlights) will be removed after the completion of the course for privacy protection reasons.

Q: I would love to join, but I'm not sure about the financial commitment, what can I do?

A: Please fill out the Scholarship Application. One womxn will be selected for 100% cost covered!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes - here is the most common payment plan. Please e-mail if this payment plan does not work for you and we can work something out!

What’s the refund policy?

There are no refunds for this program due to the digital content, intimate nature, and belief in radical responsibility.

Still have another question? Email me or set up a free 20-minute Discovery Call

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