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for the Full-Spectrum Woman

Reclaim Yourself and Your Relationships

Feel whole, secure, and in flow. Better than ever before.

Be crystal clear on your desires and knowing you are worthy of them.

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I know you are ready to feel confident in yourself… like the do and wear whatever the f I want. BE EXACTLY WHO I WANT - level of confidence. 


You want to be sure of your decisions and life. As big, radiant, shining, thriving, flourishing, SURE OF YOURSELF and who you be.

You are sick of feeling sick to your stomach anxious in love, rejected, not fully chosen, unfulfilled with your romances of the past, or deeply fearful of truly opening up with someone.


You want to feel IN LOVE again. First, with your self, your life, and then open up to that with another.


You want to have fun, laugh, and play again.


Your heart yearns to unite with the divine partner and healthy relationships of your dreams…

beyond what your mind could imagine.

I know the hurts from the past have you questioning if real love and that divine partner to share your life with is truly out there for you.


I know you’re feeling helpless at times, or even blaming, yourself for the patterns manifesting. (Please stop this!)


I know their actions have you doubting your own worth.


I know the feelings of rejection have you wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”


You can feel the pilot light of a brighter future, but you don’t know how to get there.


Trust me, I had to go through the ringer to find a place of deep security and trust within myself and now experience the most exquisite, sweet, nourishing, SECURE relationships.


It was a long time for me to even know it was possible after rounds of toxic relating, the anxious-avoidant trap, and a paradigm of lack.


Growing up with an abusive, addictive, absent father in and out of prison led to to either be a magnet for partners afraid of the deep, true intimacy I craved that gave me intense highs or lows, or run away from the ones who wanted to meet me there.


It was really painful. I experienced deep heartbreak, grief, abandonment and honestly, I questioned if my patterns would ever change.


I am a breathing example that we can change the script. As well as the incredible clients that I have supported.


What if….


You could be that magnetic woman who lights up a room? Feel confident, sure of yourself, and that you’re moving through life with ease?


You woke up excited AF for the day? Went to sleep feeling fulfilled and full of a deep love for yourself and trust in your Life (whether there is a warm body next to you or not)?


You no longer needed external validation because you know how beautiful, amazing, and awesome you are?


You no longer self-abandoned but truly honored your needs and desires, while being able to do the same for others?


You deeply loved yourself, your body, and the way you’re living your life?


You were so confident in yourself, you knew the “right one” would never pass you by or let you go.


You were able to truly trust yourself AND others?


You experienced deep intimacy with another, no-holding-back, fun, adventurous love, WHILE feeling secure in your own sovereignty and confident in your own life-visions manifesting?

Imagine... Feeling safe and comfortable with your own emotions. Being able to reparent yourself and have your needs met.


Imagine… having crystal clarity of your desires and knowing you are worthy of them.


If this is speaking to you…

L I F E  A R T I S T R Y

Relational Healing Edition is for you.

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How (specifically) will you be supported?

1:1 Mentorship: 2 months // 4x Deep-Dive Sessions //

Direct Messaging Support

Inner-Resourced  Extensive Self-Paced Journey and Resources for Transformation

*opt in for this at check-out*

Meet the New Era of You.

Deep-Dive Sessions include:

Subconscious Reprogramming using Havening (Psychosensory Therapy Techniques), Internal Family Systems / Parts Work, Somatic Therapy, and Reparenting.


This is where we do the heavy-lifting in a safe, held space to heal the wounds and connect to your True Self, cultivate resiliency, self-worth, and wholeness.


*Sessions prioritize nervous system health and are trauma-informed.*


In-Between Support:

For those moments of doubt, when your body/mind/nervous system want to go back to the comfortable known.



Have potent and extremely supportive tools, practices, and meditations at your fingertips. With time, practice, and devotion, you will become inner-resourced. This is where deep self-trust and confidence is created.

Discover secure attachment, deep trust in yourself, and embodiment of truly being empowered as the Creator of your life.

Stop questioning yourself and your life and know you are worthy of having every juicy desire.

This is for you if....

  • You are tired of being limited from your past relationships and questioning yourself

  • You are so ready to create a new narrative for yourself and your relationships

  • You are having a hard time seeing how fulfilling and full of love your future can be

  • You are willing to put in the energy to heal the layers and deeper places within, keeping you small and bound to the reality of the past

This is NOT for you if ❌

  • You think pattern-change will “just happen”

  • You are not willing to invest time and energy to your transformation and growth

  • You are looking for a savior rather than a mentor to help and guide you as you activate your True Self and become inner-resourced 

Hi,  I'm Mel.

I've been supporting women to remember who they really are and manifest their dream lives since 2018.
I left my career in finance, a longterm relationship, and the confines of what was expected of me to follow my soul-callings and I have never looked back. Deep grief initially inspired (forced me into) my spiritual awakening and an entirely new existence opened up.

In the sacred search of finding myself and healing my heart, I became a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy healer, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, moved overseas and have lived all over the globe, while supporting my clients and sharing the transmissions, developing my own mastery and skills wherever I go. The journey has evolved and has kept getting more beautiful and expansive.

I dove deep into the Spiritual and activated my psychic and intuitive gifts, channels, and traversed all of the realms.
But something was still missing. I had not yet healed my this-lifetime trauma and I went on a journey of deeply understanding the nervous system, human psychological patterns, and how to liberate ourselves and truly heal from a scientific level.
So now, I merge the science and the spiritual weaving multiple modalities and concepts together.

Those who know me, know to come to me if they ever want deeply intuitive reflections and insights (it's my superpower) to help them remember the majesty of who they really are.

Besides my biz, you'll find me getting lost on a dancefloor, harmonizing in the kitchen, connecting deeply with soul fam, moving my body or nurturing my new 3-story home in Mexico City! Even though I miss the sand and sea after 6 years of living at the beach, I am SO happy in my new era of life.


The Modalities to Your Transformation.

A psychosensory therapy technique that activates delta brainwaves through the Havening touch (self-applied and guided). Delta brainwaves create safety, soothing, and access to the deeper subconscious mind, where we can get to the root of your patterns and the spaces ready to heal. The techniques you will be guided through help to process emotions, create completion in unconscious loops so you don’t have to manifest into reality in order to create your needs being met. Scientific mechanisms take place in the brain during Havening that heal trauma, hurts from the past, unhelpful patterns and create new possibilities from your life.

Somatic Healing:

Practice healthy expression and alchemizing emotions through the body in safe way, while tending to regulation of your nervous system. Bring your desired reality into the body for manifesting into life.

Internal Family Systems (IFS):

Learn how to unburden and care for the “Parts” of you who are wounded, feeling emotions, experiencing “stuck” emotions, or have been victimized, etc. to come into wholeness, deep self love, and operate from your True Self rather than perpetuate patterns, reactions, and hold the weight of these Parts. (We all have Parts!!)


Be seen and heard in a safe, nonjudgemental, compassionate container. In-between session support to work through triggers and become the version of yourself you want and choose to Be.

Supportive Resources:

I want you to have the tools and activate how inner-resourced you truly are. To live from a place knowing it is all already inside of you, you don’t need external validation, trust yourself, and have the tools to work through challenges that arise.



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Sacred Exchange

$1,799 for 2 months of Mentorship

$1,999 for 2 months of Mentorship PLUS Inner-Resourced

*a comprehensive healing and transformative journey and plethora of tools to support you beyond our sessions together*

Still not sure?

Set up a complementary 15-min call with Mel

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