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Woohoo, your guide is on the way.


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Just keep an eye out in your inbox (including your spam folder) for the guide from and get started right away!

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Psst.... Have you seen the incredible discounts on my courses + guides that have been designed to enhance your life that I am sharing this holiday season?

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Value $77

Use code RELIEF44 for 44% off!

"This course has helped me get through some of my darkest moments. I’ve learned how to release my anxiety through the breathwork and movements. The specific meditations have helped me to let go of any negativity I’ve had and how to embrace my most empowered, radiant self. I’ve gained confidence and found my true power through Mel's teaching. She’s been a light in my life, guiding me to the Goddess within me." - Meghan M

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Learn more about these offerings and/or the next upcoming round of Reclaiming Femme (Feb 2021) by booking a *FREE* 20-minute chat!

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ALL of the Replays from our 2020 Virtual Retreat!
9 incredible facilitators share their medicine and magic through movement, breath, beauty, and rejuvenation.
Shakti Circle

Kundalini Yoga

Breath + Meditation

Restorative Yoga

Ananda Yoga

Vinyasa Flow


Beauty Tutorial

Sound Healing

GirlTalk Open Forum

Bath Ritual

Magic Elixir Recipes


Now, only $55!!

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Imagine a Journey, surrounded by a safe, supportive, and soulful community of women that...

activated your radiance and ignited your vibrancy


helped you to let go of traumas + limiting beliefs stored in the body

awakened your sexual energies + expanded your pleasure potential


accessed your portal to experience an ecstatic life


connected you to your deepest truths and your own inner healer

cultivated an incredible community of support + sisterhood

opened up the passionate force within your heart


created magnetism to attract the nourishing relationships + financial abundance you deserve


helped you to balance your hormones holistically


that served as the catalyst to become the most Embodied version of YOU.

So, what are you waiting for, honey boo-thang? Let's have some fun together! Enrollment now open for February 2021

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