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Quantum Healing + expansion

With Havening Techniques


come home to

your infinite magic

& live a radiantly aligned life.

Because your dreamiest desires + most fulfilling, highest vibrational timeline are waiting for you.

To enter into Life by Divine Design is to allow yourself to be swept into a nourishing process of deep and lasting transformation.


a curious, illuminating path of discovery


an exploration

into your own soul codes


to show you YOUR way


your Alignment


your highest vibrational timeline.


to uncover your true worth

hidden beneath the surface.


your soul pings (something in your body lighting up) are the starting point of this journey


& your real life is the raw material

because nothing else

teaches you greater than real life

and this is what we use


to allow the keys to be unlocked


to a dharmic, delicious, wonderful life


one where you live out the dreams

of your heart's true fulfillment

in flow, abundance, divine love...

and experience your liberation


with guidance to navigate the twists & turns


yet, most importantly, you come home to your true self


because that’s where all of the magic is waiting for you.

the energetics

we will leverage potent tools like:

Kundalini Yoga + Breathwork

Psychosensory Therapy Technique Havening

Reiki Energy Intuitive Development

to access altered states for healing + tap into the quantum field + raise the vibration of your energy field

--> leading to higher vibrations (thoughts, moods, opportunities, etc.) being reflected back to you


the lineup

Day 1: Getting Real, Honest, and TRUE (and releasing what is not serving)

Day 2: Self-Illumination

Day 3: Quantum Play + Optimizing for Ecstasy

Example Schedule:

630am-730am DAILY SADHANA



a transformational transmission

10am Guided Havening Journey for CLARITY

1045-12 Discussion + LIVE COACHING

12pm lunch break + integration assignment

1-1:45pm BOUNDARIES as an act of


2-230pm Chord Cutting Meditation wrapped in LOVE + Opening Up to Your Magic

230-3pm Q+A Coaching

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

the transmutation

your Shadows are the very portals into activating your Genius, your Gifts, and the higher vibrations waiting to be turned ON inside of you.

you will learn how to



& Embrace


your Shadows in the highest love + compassion


--> to transcend and activate the divine blessings + gifts inside of you


Are you ready for embodied liberation into your truest self?

[no more playing someone else's rules,

but creating your own]


This immersion is for those who are ready for:

✨ true alignment with your soul purpose

✨ days filled with bliss, joy, play, and even ecstasy

✨ fulfilling relationships

You are ready to BE:

a sovereign, radiant, beaming essence

that magnetizes your desires

and experiences magic orchestrating around you.

Wherever you are in your journey,

Life by Divine Design will meet you there. To spiral up along your path in a powerful way.

because you are not getting fed someone else's codes...

you are being led to open up & receive your own.


(+ more magical✨✨✨)



Activation Into Your Gene Keys

Receive trainings on how to navigate part of your Golden Path - the Activation Sequence of your Prime Gifts (and a high-level intro into your Pearl Sequence for abundance + life's work insights)

The teachings of the Gene Keys hold keys for:


💫  The unlocking of your unique + divine gifts

💫  Activate DNA within you for higher vibrations


💫  Guidance on the Shadows (that most likely come up most frequently in your life) waiting for you to transcend + transmute into your genius

Womb Activation Workshop


the wombspace is an access point to your creative force, the force that can birth life, therefore it can birth anything you wish

the wombspace holds all of your subconscious,

 healing this space has potential to heal deep wounds

the female aura is densely interwoven giving us complexity to navigate, however, learning to work with this gives us immense power

--> to cultivate Heart + Womb synergy for ultimate creative consciousness

--> to awaken to pleasure as a way of life

--> to connect with your womb-tuition for ongoing guidance from within

--> receive Yoni Egg practices to deepen this sacred + powerful connection

IMG_1532 3.jpg

+ when you pay in full,

receive immediate access to -


a 2-hour Masterclass on allowing PLEASURE to be an access point for

manifesting your desires including:

- day to day pragmatics of making pleasure a way of life

- sex magic practices

- breath practices

- working with masculine + feminine energies for manifestation

- coaching on questions


Integration Support + Mentorship

--> exclusive prices for 1:1 mentorship with Mel

ready to take this work deeper and fully integrate it into your own life?

working 1:1 with a mentor who has been walking the path is a fast-track to your own growth, healing, + evolution

view the VIP options at check-out


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