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You are divine, sacred, radiant love.





 Sag Harbor, NY

What is the

Three Suns Retreat, Sag Harbor, NY | May 15-17


 Divine Sisters, it is our priority to keep each other safe. Due to the current global pandemic, the Embodiment Retreat has been re-scheduled for October 9 -11. 


In the meantime, let's stay connected and support each other during these times, virtually. Keep an eye out for emails, here on Instagram, and in the FB Group Divinity Unleashed for virtual women's gatherings and LIVE meditations with Mel. 


A magical weekend to become the most embodied version of yourself.


Activate the divine feminine power you hold within you

Ignite your confidence to live an inspired life

Discover the deepest layers of your heart

Release limiting beliefs

Awaken your sensuality + sexuality

Manifest your deepest desires

Connect to your yoni + womb space to uncover your superpowers

Honor your sacred sisters + cultivate lifetime connections


This energy is everything.

It’s your magnetism.

It’s your radiance.

It's your depth.

It's the undying creative force + expansive love your soul is yearning to experience.

Mel will guide you to embrace all parts of you, to reveal your divine radiance.


We are going deep to get honest, real, and raw to re-connect to the sensual and sexual woman, the wild woman, the erotic woman.

Activate your radiant magnetism to live the life you truly desire and deserve.


Igniting your divine femininity is essential to live and act from your worthiness and own your true desires.

It's time to open wide to truly receive what your heart yearns for, unapologetically.

Surrender + Let your soul be quenched with lust for life.

October 9-11, 2020

Three Suns Retreat, Sag Harbor, NY

What's included?

Expansive Yoga + Meditation

Transformational Workshops


All Nourishing Plant-based Meals (*except for 1 meal out on the town)

How much does it cost?

$655 - $888 USD

What will we do?

Experience the highest, truest versions of ourselves through:

Energetic practice of Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

Safe Sharings Amongst sisters

Activation Workshops

Reiki Restorative Yoga

Dance + Play

Enjoy the Beach + Time to Yourself

... and other magical surprises!


It’s your right to be happy.

It's your right to be ravished.

It's your right to be self-expressed.

It's your time to experience the pleasures of life.

It's your time to live from a place of radical self-love.

 & Become Part of a
Sisterhood Forever
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