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Thank you!

Congrats on taking another step towards creating the inner marriage of your own Yin (Feminine) + Yang (Masculine) energies!

I know firsthand how "off" you can feel when these energies are not aligned with what your body, heart, mind, and soul really want for you.

Due to scarcity mindset, conditioning to always be "doing," and desire to perform and climb up the corporate ladder faster than the rest, I found myself heavily in my Yang energy leading to burnout, forcing my way through life instead of finding my flow, and being completely out of touch with my true heart-desires (as well as listening enough to act upon them even when I did have clarity).

I know I am not alone in this way of trying to show up every day with the same energy. Which is just NOT the way it works. We are all unique and our energies ebs and flows - this is a beautiful thing and contrary to common belief, very healthy and wonderful for our creative process.

Or perhaps you have your own version of WHY THINGS JUST AREN'T WORKING OUT FOR YOU and basically, this will be the case any time we are not in sync with our body's natural sense of balance between the Yin + Yang energies.


Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 12.18.50

You might still be thinking... OK this sounds nice, but what does this have to do with my life?

Basically, these energies affect our work +  creation process, our relationships (majorly!!!), our intuition, libido, hormones, energy levels, vitality, sleep, physical health, inspiration, motivation, enjoyment, and more.

See, all of these areas of our life need a balance between the Yin + the Yang.

The Yang: Doing, being assertive, moving forward, operating upon plans/structure, directing and delegating, and more.


The Yin: Listening, being receptive, flowing, adapting to changes, "just being," connecting to nature, going inward, and more.

You: "Alright, Mel, this is all great. But how does this apply to MY LIFE?!"

Me: "You're right, this is very personalized journey and I want to support you. Send me a message over on Telegram (+1 310 614 9536) with your name, profession, age and I'll leave you a voice note based on your Quiz results for some immediate insights!"

All the love, hunnies! I hope this intro helps and has brought some awareness to recognizing your own masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies within you. I'm here to support you!

Are you ready to reclaim your feminine power?

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 5.50.07 PM.png

Reclaiming Femme is a 9-week LIVE program for womxn divinely curated for you to reclaim your feminine power, unleash your ecstatic nature, and activate your brilliant radiance. With frequent LIVE gatherings led by female embodiment coach, Mel Dolan, you receive the sacred transmissions of sensual empowerment, sacred sexuality, tantric healing, and the Divine Feminine mysteries.

Early Bird enrollment is only up until October 1, 2020! Secure your spot and unlock the vast power of the woman.

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