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Prosperity Portal

a Kundalini Experience to Expand Your Magnetism and  Capacity For Abundance

September 9 Kickoff

September 12 official 40-day start

November 28 Portal Closes

What does the Journey include?

✨ 40 Days of Sobagh Kriya with a community of devoted souls

(4x Week LIVE Gatherings - Replays to be used other 3 days)

✨ 1x week 62-min jupiter prosperity pranic meditation

✨ 2x Havening journeys to reprogram scarcity into abundance

✨ other supportive practices and teachings for attracting + holding prosperity

In this portal you will:

Build a stronger auric field, connecting to authentic devotion to build your radiance and abundance frequency.

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What else do I get?

💫 2 Havening Journeys

Havening is a psychosensory therapy technique which works with neuroplasticity to reprogram unhelpful beliefs into abundant desirable possibilities.

💫 additional prosperity Kriyas

Want to go deeper? Supportive Yoga Sets will be provided to strengthen your aura, radiant body, balance your chakras, and become a magnet for your desires.


Q: Do I have to join all of the Live's?

A: Nope, all sessions will be recorded and replays immediately provided. You can design this portal to work best to your schedule. Choosing a regular time each day will support you in staying committed to your practice. Think of the daily discipline as a devotion to your desires, an act of self love + self care, and a container to connect to your divinity.

Q: Will we have access to the content even after the initial 40 days?

A: Yes, for an additional 40 days. we want to keep our auras clean and strong. This is why there is an emphasis on Live commitment and being a solid part of the group aura.

Q: Why 40 days?

A: 40 days is a magical number in many spiritual and cultural traditions. The iron in the blood is renewed every 40 days, imprinting a memory in the cells so that the kriya can be activated in the system. It is encouraged to go beyond the 40 days if you find the practice is working well for you.

(I have not met anyone who hasn't experienced something magical upon committing to a 40-day practice. Put the Victory in your aura!)

Q:  What if I miss a day?

A: Some teachers would say start your count over. However, I am not a rigid day-counter. Tune into your intuition if it feels right for you to start over. What matters most is what gives you energy and the highest relationship to self. What would enhance your self concept most?

Q:  Is it ok that I've never practiced Kundalini?

A: Definitely! This practice is welcome to anyone feeling the call.

Q. Where are the LIVE sessions hosted?

A: In a private facebook group you can join once enrolled. This platform allows the community to connect, to easily and quickly receive the replays, as well as additional video resources.

Celebrations from the previous round of prosperity portal

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