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Meet Mel

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

By trade, I am a Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga Instructor, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Reiki Energy Healer, and Retreat Host. Part mermaid. Nomadic Sea Gypsy. Fan of love, connections, laughter, boxing, dancing, cruising around Bali on my scooter, and seeing the beauty everywhere I go. I love creating... in all of the ways. I wish there was more time in the day to do all of the things that fill me with joy, but I am working to be content. I'm either listening to mantras or hip hop, or a soul-quenching flow-worthy mix. I am a Pisces sun, Libra Moon + Rising. I am a Generator. My Soul number in Tantric Numerology, which tells us what we need to work on to link us to our soul, is a 9: the Subtle Body. This means deepening + using my intuitive gifts (essentially, open channels to the divine energy / seeing the unseen / hearing the unheard / etc.) feeds my soul, while helping myself + others to thrive in this earthly world. My life path is a 6, the Healer.

I show up in every way I can and that is presented to me for transformation + evolution for myself and for those who are ready. I believe our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

My recipe is an intentionally curated combination of yogic wisdom + practices, energy work, neuroscience, and mindset work. I channel through my psychic gifts to facilitate the healing process.

I am in awe of this beautiful life - all of the ups and downs - and feel we are so lucky to be alive during this changing time on the planet. I strive to live a life of expansion, service, and joy. To give a f*ck, but only about the things that truly light me up.

I feel immense gratitude for my life now, which truly feels beyond my imagined dreams... though, it's certainly been a journey, and still is. Coming from a difficult upbringing, right, I mean who's with me, hehe? Single mother, food stamps, debt collectors, Dad battling addictions eventually taking his life, suffering from shame, fear, loneliness, victim-mentality... presenting itself as anxiety, insomnia, stress, panic attacks ...physically manifesting as an illness almost taking my life at age 18, increased liver enzymes, PCOS, IBS, acne, chronic UTI's, missed periods, adrenal fatigue ...surviving by coffee, Adderall, and clinging to unhealthy relationships...

This was all behind the scenes. To the outer world, I filled the mold quite nicely of what I once thought "success" looked like and was doing great on paper: money, NYC apt, cute boyfriend, work hard / play hard "fun" life, lush vacations. All of this living too fast to keep up was a way to distract myself from my internal suffering, totally disconnected from my true self. I had no idea who I really was, what I even truly enjoyed, what I actually wanted my life to look like, or even that life could be enjoyable.

No joke. And yep, I just laid it all out there. But loves, I'm totally done with those stories.

Upon hitting a rock bottom, a voice inside was clear: there had to be another way to live.

Shortly after I made this decision and surrendered to anything that would come through, it was a moment of CHOOSING. It was empowering and hopeful.

I had an immense shift through an "awakening" where I first connected with my Dad who had passed in a meditation (maybe the first time I actually just sat in stillness with myself). I found the Kundalini Yoga practice while away for a job in LA, took a T-O from the world as I knew it for a bit traveling + training as a teacher + healer, dived deep into the parts of me I was terrified to look at, and positive shifts started happening in every area of my life... quickly!

I was able to drop the victim mentality and cultivate the energy and courage to take action, heal, and transform the neural patterns that had been running behind the scenes. The lifestyle + mindset shifts allowed me to live in alignment with the highest version of myself. And the Kundalini Yoga, I feel so completely blessed to have found this lineage, because the conscious healing that was happening is only a part of the picture. Once I was unpacking all of these suitcases on a conscious level, this practice allowed me to energetically and cellularly create the shifts to release those old stories... to experience more joy, positive action, inner peace + balance, and self-love. So much self-love that now I have such an authentic desire to share it with others. I didn't know what this meant until I felt it, until I started going to bed feeling so blessed to feel safe, humbled, and home in my own body.

Since quitting my corporate job in the financial industry (and no, you absolutely don't have to quit your day job to experience inner peace, bliss, and fulfillment), I share these practices and teachings for healing and growth around the planet, currently in Bali. It is my passion to uplift and empower others in creating the life of their dreams.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this journey we're all on together.

So much love + Sat Nam,


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