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"Giving yourself space for clarity is one of the greatest gifts

you can give yourself. It is a direct message to the Universe of claiming your desires and worthiness."

~Mel Dolan


We have officially entered Eclipse season, as we do every year at this time, but it feels more critical than ever that we use this one wisely… so whether syncing with the cosmos is your thing or not, it goes without saying that 2020 has delivered a ton of the unexpected and it is an opportunity to

finish this year with intention, grace, compassion, clarity, and most importantly, gratitude.

and on December 21st, it is the Solstice and when Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in the sky, which is going to create a potent opportunity for change. We are going to want to be crystal clear on what we want, and don't want, for our lives at this time.

I hope these questions to journal and meditate upon serve you in delivering clarity on what it is you truly want to create for your life!

Sending deep love from my heart to yours! Let's finish out this year with resilience!

xx, Mel


Enjoy, beautiful souls!

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Imagine a Journey, surrounded by a safe, supportive, and soulful community of women that...

activated your radiance and ignited your vibrancy


helped you to let go of traumas + limiting beliefs stored in the body

awakened your sexual energies + expanded your pleasure potential


accessed your portal to experience an ecstatic life


connected you to your deepest truths and your own inner healer

cultivated an incredible community of support + sisterhood

opened up the passionate force within your heart


created magnetism to attract the nourishing relationships + financial abundance you deserve


helped you to balance your hormones holistically


that served as the catalyst to become the most Embodied version of YOU.

So, if not now, when? Enrollment Now Open for February 2021 .

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