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Hello loves!!


I am SO glad you've arrived here.


As women, we naturally flow and fluctuate. Our body's hormonal ratios are changing a lot throughout our natural biological cycles.


It is important to honor these changes and do what we can to support and embrace the shifts, while also practicing compassion towards ourselves for the fluctuations we experience each cycle.


When we sync our lifestyle to our cycle and nourish ourselves throughout, we are honoring the Feminine Power within.


My intention is for you to LOVE your menstrual cycle and discover the magic it carries and allows us to experience each month.


No periods?

If you do not currently have a period, you will benefit from syncing with the phases of the moon to align with the naturally flowing nature of your female body, as you are wonderfully cyclical with or without a monthly release of blood. Don't worry, we'll talk more about how this works in the training and we go into depth in the guide!

What is the Flow With Grace guide?

A guide to understand and love your menstrual cycle and how to sync your life to it so you can be in flow with your natural fluctuations. You'll get an explanation of what is actually happening to your hormones and body, so you can understand just how magical and supportive our bodies are of our natural creation process.

 With this information (that almost no one is taught adequately growing up!), you can operate at a way that is optimized for the hormones being produced and support your physical temple of your body. You will learn to love the flows of your natural cycle and how to work with it.

What is included?

  • Description of the 4 Phases, both in biological terms and what to expect IRL

  • Guidance and tips for supporting and syncing to each phase in the following categories:

    • Communication​

    • Fitness / Workouts

    • Sex & Relating

    • Suggested Self-Nourishment

    • Mantras to work with

  • Goddess Archetypes and Affirmations to work with to embody various strengths and superpowers for each phase​

  • Nutrition for Radiance + Happy Hormones E-Guide + Video Training

  • Suggested meditations and VIDEO demonstrations to balance hormones and sync with each phase

  • A full-length Kundalini Yoga class to release stress from the body (the #1 contributor to hormone imbalance) and nourish your glandular system (that produces your hormones)

  • Video trainings:

    • The Archetypes and intro to the Phases

    • Nutrition for Radiance and Happy Hormones


Blood Magic: Rituals for working with the divine energy of your wombspace, the space from with LIFE is created, and therefore, is powerful in creating all of our desires.

The Exchange:

Flow With Grace Guide - $44

VIP: FWG Guide + 45-min session - $144

*deep-dive with Mel 1:1 to get to the bottom of a hormonal imbalance and learn more about what you can do to come back to balance

VIP: FWG Guide + 90-min session - $188

*deep-dive with Mel 1:1 to get to the bottom of a hormonal imbalance and learn more about what you can do to come back to balance + receive a deep and powerful experience of meditation and energy healing to clear and energetically create balance FAST

Get your Free Guide using Archetypes and Affirmations that we discussed on Monday's training to sync to the menstrual cycle:

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Meet your host, Mel Dolan.

Mel is a Women's Empowerment Coach. She shares her passion for an expansive life experience through Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach / speaker & writer / astrologer / practitioner of Tantric Healing, Reiki, and EFT Tapping / lover of all things mystical. Once operating from a place of scarcity, lack, and fear as a highly stressed consultant career suffering from poor physical health and hormonal imbalances (including a PCOS diagnosis and no period for 2 years), her life completely turned around when she learned to embody the vast power of the woman.


She now operates upon her feminine magic and has made dramatic shifts in her own life becoming a soulful entrepreneur following her passions, and knows it is only up from here and we will never stop learning and growing. It is her mission to be a guide for others to embody their own radiance, authenticity, and power, and working with the menstrual cycle is one of keys to unlock the feminine magic!

"The doctors told me I would be infertile. That my painful and chronic UTI's and yeast infections and not having a period for 2 years was 'just the way I was and it happened to some women' with the only solution being a bandage to cover up symptoms.

I could not and would not accept that. I believed in the power of my body to heal itself, given the space and nourishment to do so. I went on a mission to deeply understand the inner-workings of my body, and once I witnessed the magic of my sacred wombspace and the feminine power, I not only healed my hormonal imbalances and regained my vitality, I discovered my superpowers. I knew I had to share this work with other women."

So much love on this journey, it's an honor to be a guide for you.

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