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Woohoo, congrats lovely!

You're in.


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Add me on Telegram +1 310 614 9536 (it's free if you don't have it yet) and send me a message (name, age, why you're most excited for the challenge).


This is where you will get each day's topic + activity

and connect with the community! 

I'm so excited to embark upon this journey with you.



Note: This challenge will primarily be in Telegram (+1 310 614 9536) which is where the magic will happen through connecting, but if this is not your thing I completely understand! You will still receive all of the content via e-mail!

Can't wait!! See you soon, Goddess!

Psst.... Remember, you have the opportunity to win a 50% OFF Scholarship for the next Reclaiming Femme LIVE journey.

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Crown Yourself.JPG


Imagine a Journey, surrounded by a safe, supportive, and soulful community of women that...

activated your radiance and ignited your vibrancy


helped you to let go of traumas + limiting beliefs stored in the body

awakened your sexual energies + expanded your pleasure potential


accessed your portal to experience an ecstatic life


connected you to your deepest truths and your own inner healer

cultivated an incredible community of support + sisterhood

opened up the passionate force within your heart


created magnetism to attract the nourishing relationships + financial abundance you deserve


helped you to balance your hormones holistically


that served as the catalyst to become the most Embodied version of YOU.

Enrollment Now Open for this 9-week journey beginning November 15, 2020 (psst... don't wait, there is no guarantee this course will happen again.)

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