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A guided journey to live your full-spectrum life.

Though the journey is nonlinear, our minds and nervous systems benefit from a roadmap to follow.


To assist you in creating lasting change, you will be able to take one step at a time in the comfort of your own home and within a supportive community..

The path has been broken down into 8 stages, each with bite-sized transmissions (audio, video), as well as effective, guided embodiment practices using somatic and psychosensory tools for a thorough, holistic approach.


Real change requires DEVOTION, it does not happen overnight.

This is not a magic pill.

This is not a process to be rushed.

This is not the next external thing you are seeking to fix yourself or solve all of your problems.

It is a devotional journey to meeting your True Self everyday. Devotion to showing up consistently to your purpose and what truly matters to you.

This journey is you choosing to embody the best version of yourself over and over again.

All while learning to love, accept, embrace every single Part of you, knowing your divine desires are meant for you.


Your soul is ready for your greatness to come into form.


Your work is honoring and navigating the human journey to do so & discover your vast possibilities as a Creator.

LIVE Community Support

May we walk this sacred path, together.

From a trauma lens / nervous system perspective, co-regulation (being around other nervous systems that are regulated while you are consciously navigating + alchemizing shadow spaces) is one of the quickest ways to heal.


Group environments and held spaces create an environment for you to heal quicker, more efficiently, and comfortably.

AND, it is so much more fun to do this together.


We are stronger and more resilient when we feel supported, celebrated, seen, and loved by others who get us.

Ready to commit to

your destiny?

(and reap the rewards of pre-party investments)

Feeling like you're on the precipice of experiencing what you are really capable of?

I get it. I have been there. It's painful to be shown a vision / desire and to feel like it is out of reach.

It's YOUR TIME to bring your vision into reality.

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Journey Dates:

February - May

Lots of magic happens when we come together.

All replays will be provided for when you can't be there.

3x Weekly Kundalini Yoga

1x Monthly Prayer + Manifestation Portal

(gain clarity on your Vision and set it into forward motion)

1x Monthly Alchemical Creativity Workshop

1x Shadow Healing Session

1x Monthly Integration + Support Call

Want to start with just the LIVE sessions?

only $88 / month

4-month comittment (we're here for longterm transformation, not a quick fix)

*you can always opt into the full journey later on*


What will I get?

Your journey is uniquely yours. The details cannot be predicted. But when we go to the root of dysfunction in our lives and clear the space to allow in the divinity and breakthroughs - you will discover the True You, you will become your own Loving Parent in which all Parts of you know they are lovable, safe, and even play an important role in your life.

You will discover secure attachment, deep trust in yourself, and embodiment of truly being empowered as the Creator of your life.

What manifests from here is up to your chosen destiny and you powerfully consecrating it into your reality.

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What's it like inside?

:Audio + Video Transmissions
Guided Somatic Practices,
Psychosensory Journeys,
and other Exercises

to support your journey of discovering the Truth of Who You Are and all that you get to become and experience of this life.

When we consistently show up for ourselves and trust the process, a sort of magic happens . Not from a place of trying to fix, from a place of trust, devotion, curiosity, & openness to discover.

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What's the point?

Good Question. I've asked myself the same thing.

You know that book you want to write?
That course / offering you want to create & provide to the world?
All those people you want to impact?
That divine relationship you want to experience in this lifetime?
Dream of becoming a parent? Owning a home?
How about, rather than deeming yourself avoidant/anxiously attached, you found the peace of becoming secure, safe, and open to healthy & deep intimacy?

We think our patterns are the problem. But it's deeper than that. Fixing the symptom (pattern, like procrastination or dating that one avoidant guy) is not necessarily going to take you to the root.

When we do the deep work to face our shadows and tend to our wounds, when we become consistent & devotional to our role as the Creator of our lives, the un-serving patterns dissolve as a result. It's quite like an experience of magic.

So does it matter? It's your choice :) However you choose to live your life is beautiful, I am not here to assume anyone else's soul paths. I am sharing the tools and channeled roadmap of what has created the real, lasting healing and wholeness for me.

The point is: Get your life back & make it
greater than you ever imagined possible.


All members receive:

The Liberated Woman:
An entire year of previous Masterclasses (worth $1,444).

The 8 Elements of Excellence Kundalini Yoga Series:
Full-length classes, qigong, meditations, kriyas, & audio transmissions using sacred technology to manifest your Visions


Still not sure?

Set up a complementary 15-min call with Mel

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